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Robotics club is the student run organization that strives to impart enthusiasm and passion for electronics and allied fields among students of ECE. The club aims to cater to the various needs that are primal to be addressed to keep in pace with the ever evolving field of electronics. The club aims to uncover those key topics that are not part of the curriculum or just grazed upon by the syllabus. The functions of the Robotics club are to deal from basics of electronics to the peak of it. This club, for sure, will help the students not only in their studies but also in their career.

What is Electronics? Why do we need Electronics?

Electronics is a modern branch of science which is deeply rooted in to every aspect of human life. It has become a part of our day to day life. Now we can’t even expect a day without it. Starting the day with a small alarm till ending the day with a bed lamp involves electronics. “Electronics is clearly the winner of the day”, said a famous scientist John ford. By the demand and production of the electronics we can predict the economy of a nation. It also plays a major role in a development of a nation.

Objectives of Robotics club

The main objectives of our club are:

  1. To explain the concepts of electronics in a practical way and help them to gain knowledge.
  2. To provide a platform for the students to give a shape to their innovative ideas.
  3. To expose the students to the latest technological advancements in the field of electronics.
  4. To provide the students with thought provoking questions & makes them to think about it.
  5. To form a discussion boards on latest trends of electronics which indeed improve their communication skills
  6. To provide a hands on training for students.
  7. To provide a virtual bridge between the present global industries and the department.

How to meet the objectives

  1. We will ask them about their area of interest and help them to develop their ideas.
  2. We update them with each and every technical advancements happening around the world.
  3. We will take up mini projects and make them to work on it.
  4. Through our contacts we will invite the officials of several global electronic industries to have seminars.

Functions of Robotics club

The functions of the Robotics club are to deal from basics of electronics to the peak of it. The domains of the club are designed in such a way that it provides all-round development of a student in all aspects. Teaching the students about the various components required to build both basic and complex circuits, helping them design and built complex circuits, giving them hints and tricks to make a circuit work, detecting bugs present in a built circuit are some of the key functions of this club. This indeed helps them not only in their studies but also in their career.

Advanced Robotics

Fed up watching two tin cans fight each? We will take you to the next level with speed, power, torque and a huge stock of homemade and easy to build machinery


  1. First position attained in for Automatic Vehicle Speed Controller by Ishan Bahuguna, Manmohan at IIT Roorkie, march 2012
    Students of BIET, Ishan Bahuguna and Manmohan designed an Automatic Vehicle Speed Controller which was the required design asked by American Traffic Police to control the car speed with the help of a robot externally, and stood at first position in IIT Roorkie.
  2. Semifinalist in march 2014 in ROBOWAR Naveen Kumar and team at IIT BHU, Varanasi
    Naveen, Manish, Umesh, Ratan, Anil Kumar semifinalist in TECHNEX in IIT BHU Varanasi in robotics event
  3. Second Runner-Up in march 2014 in WILD SOCCER by Arvind and team at IIT Kanpur
    Rakesh, Vikram, Azad, participate in Wild Soccer in IIT Kanpur Techkriti’14 and achieved third position.
  4. First Runner-Up in march 2015 in ROBOWAR by Manish and team at IIT BHU, Varanasi
    Anil, Nadeem, Naveen, Manish and Hemraj took participate in technex;15 and achieved 2nd position.
  5. Won in oct 2015 in Multirover by Rakesh and team at BITS Hyderabad
  6. First Position in april 2015 in SumoWar by Umesh and team at IIT Mandi Exodia
    Arvind, Rakesh, Umesh
  7. Achieved second position by Shubham Choudhary and Seema for WIFI Robot at VIT Jaipur.
    BIET Students, Shubham Choudhary and Seema designed a wifi robot which can be used by Indian defense for tracking. And participated in VIT Jaipur and achieved second position
  8. Runner-Up in 2015 in ROBOWAR by Ankit and team at BITS Hyderabad BIET Student
  9. Semifinalist Karan and team in Line Follower robot at BITS Hyderabad 2015
  10. 4th and 6th position in “THAR 2017 RTU Kota” in ROBO Race