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Electronic Devices & Circuit Laboratory

This lab is well equipped with all basic requirements of active and passive electronic components. Here the main intention is to focus on the basic working of devices like Diodes, Transistors and working into their application circuits like Rectifiers, Amplifiers and Oscillators.

Electronic Engineering Design Laboratory

This lab is well equipped with all the integrated chips and necessary supporting equipment. The main idea is to focus on the applications of various Integrated Chips like Operational Amplifiers, 555timers, Regulators… etc in different fields. As a part of III year- I semester curriculum the above experiments are conducted in the laboratory. This laboratory helps the students in doing their Mini Projects.

Electronic Circuit Analysis Laboratory

The lab is well equipped with the required Trainer Kits and provided with the licensed users of PSPICE Software. This laboratory deals both the Hardware and Software experiments. It focuses on the working of various Single and Multi stage amplifiers, power amplifiers, Voltage Regulators and their applications and they are simulated using PSPICE Software. The various power amplifiers include CLASS A, B, C and Push pull configurations.

Analog Communication Laboratory

It deals with the designing all types of Modulation and Demodulation techniques of transmitter and receiver, analyzing channel characteristics on which our present day communications depend under the name of Analog Communications Lab.

Digital Communication

Digital Communications Lab deals with Sampling, Quantization and all digital modulation techniques like FSK, PSK and QPSK etc. The Lab is well equipped with all the required Trainer Kits on which students can perform their experiments and test the different techniques available presently. This lab supports for student projects and research work.

Wireless Communication Laboratory ( Antenna Lab.)

This lab deals with study of various types of Antennas like Half wave diploe, quarter wave dipole, Yagi UDA multiple, Hertz Antenna, Helix antenna, Paraboloid reflector antenna,Rhombus antenna……etc. it involves measurement of transmission characteristics and radiation diagram of various antenna. This lab also deals with study of various wireless communication technologies.

Digital Hardware Design (VHDL) Laboratory

It is provided with Modelsim to implement digital IC’s using VHDL language. Apart from Model sim we are provided with ALTERA, XILINX-CPLD and FPGA Kits used for implementation of VHDL code. This lab is very useful to analysis the Digital Circuits (ICs) on FPGA kits.

Micro Processors and Micro Controllers Laboratory

This lab is well equipped with all the microprocessors and micro controller’s kits. It consists of performing Intel Assembly A language programming on processors of a 8086, 8051(TRAINER KITS) and also by a using interfacing modules like stepper Motor, traffic lights, D to A Converter , 7 segment display etc. The programming is also done using MASM software. Most of the major projects of final year are based on microprocessors and microcontrollers where this lab helps them much.

Micro Waves and Optical Communications Laboratory

This lab is well equipped with all the microwave and optical communication devices. This lab deals with the micro measurements of the signals at micro frequency range. It involves measurement of frequency, wave length, VSWR, Impedance and scattering parameters of various micro wave devices like Circulator, Direction Coupler, and Magic-Tee. Using Optical Transmitter and Receiver Kits various characteristics of LED, LASER Diode and Optical fibers are studied. As a part of IV Year I semester curriculum the above experiments are conducted.

Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

It lab deals with the designing all types of filters using MATLAB and by using C LANGUAGE students are performing projects works on codec’s, voice recognition and applications on A/D and D/A conversions a using these processor is done.