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  1. Mr. Sumer Singh, Ravindra Kumar Sharma “Home Automation and Energy Management Using Android App”, IJMCTR, Volume 5, Issue 10, October 2017, PP 1-8.
  2. Mr. Sumer Singh, Ravindra Kumar Sharma “Automatic Signal Scheduling For Efficient Traffic Managment”, JMCTR, Volume 5, Issue 10, October 2017, PP 9-11.
  3. Mr. Nitesh Kumar Dixit, Ms. Malvika Purohit, Ms. Abhilasha Agarwal, “Silicon Wafer Technologies: Past & futute”, IJRASET, Vol. 5 Issue V, May 2017, PP 846-853.
  4. Mrs. Suman Nehra, P. K. Ghosh “ Design of 7th and 9th order Low pass Filter With higher Cut off Frequency using 60nm CMOS Technology”, IJCTA, Vol 3, Nu. 33 2017, PP 107-117.
  5. Mrs. Suman Nehra, P. K. Ghosh “Design of Second order Low Pass Filter with differential floating inductor”, IJCTA, Vol 3, Nu. 33 2017, PP 107-117.
  6. Mr. Nitesh Kumar Dixit, Mr. Vikram Singh, “Design & Implementation of Reliable solar Tree”, IJRASET, Vol. 5 Issue IV, April 2017, PP 1020-1026.
  7. Mrs. Suman Nehra, P. K. Ghosh, “ A 60nm CMOS 3rd and 5th order Low pass Filter With higher Cut off Frequency”, IJIEA, Col. 7, No 3, 2017, PP 1-9.
  8. Mrs. Suman Nehra, P. K. Ghosh, Er. Priyanka Soni, “Design & analysis of differential floating inductor for filter”, ICEEOT, IEEE June 2016, PP 56-60.
  9. Mr. Deependra Rolania, Mr. Kamlesh Kumar ”Optimization of Bead Geometry parameters of Electron beam welding using Advanced optimization techniques. IJSART, March 2016, Vol 2 Issue 3, PP 180-186.
  10. Mr. Amit Kumar Pandey, Mr. Kamlesh Kumar, “Blackout mitigation assessment: Distributed Generation & SMART GRID”, IJTRS, Vol. 2 Issue III, 2017. PP 130-136.
  11. Mr. Amit Pandey , “ Blackout Mitigation Assessment” in RAPSE-2014 held at KITE jaipur, 2014.
  12. Mr. Amit Pandey , “Carbon taxes policy and Technology innovation for LOW carbon emission” in NRCM-2014 held at PIET, Jaipur.
  13. Mr. Amit Pandey , “ANN based speed control of bidirectional chopper fed induction motor drive” in Springer ICRCWIP-2015 held at PIET, Jaipur, 2015.
  14. Mr. Amit Pandey , ”Emerging trades for effective utilization of electrical energy” in RAPSE-2015 at VIT jaipur.
  15. Mr. Amit Pandey, Mr. Kamlesh Maharia, “Distributed generation of SMART Grid” IJTRS-2017.
  16. Mr. Nitesh Dixit, Mr. Vikram Singh, Mr. Naveen, Mr. Manish Sunda , “A Solar Tree-Design and Implementation”, IJRSET APRIL-2017.
  17. Mr. Kamlesh Maharia, Mr. Deependra Rolania, “Power Quality Management in Electrical System”, IJTRS-2017.
  18. Naveen Kumar, Manish Sunda, Vikram Singh, “Design of an Intelligent Fighter Robot for Technex Robowar” Volume 4, Issue 8, AUGUST 2015, PP 7325-29.
  19. Rahul Sah, Shivam, “Comparative analysis of resonant power converters for renewable energy generation applications”, IEEE, ICEPE-2015.
  20. Rahul Sah, Shivam, “A new interleaved soft-switching resonant power converter for renewable energy generation GCRE-2015.
  21. Mr.Nitesh Kumar Dixit, Mr. Amit Saraf, “Design and Simulation of Piezoelectric Bimorph Cantilever Beam”, Under Proceedings in International conference on advancements in computing & management April 2019.
  22. Mr.Nitesh Kumar Dixit, Kamal J Rangra, Y.C. Sharma, “Review Study on Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters and Their Applications”, International Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering Vol. 6, Issue 9, 2018, PP 607-616.

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